Anushka Shetty Movies in 2015 – 3 Different Avatars

It is always a challenging task for the actors to handle two different roles for two different films. What if it isn’t two but three different films, three different genres and three different roles? Then it would three challenging films for the actor, when asked the same to Yoga beauty Anushka Shetty the only answer she has is “Challenge Accepted.” Anushka Shetty acted in 3 different roles in 3 movies for the year 2015.

2015 has been the most promising as well as the most testing year in Sweety’s career. While the prestigious ‘Baahubali- The Beginning’ is on one hand, historic film ‘Rudhramadevi’ was on the other. Between these was ‘Size Zero’ to which Anushka was flattered simply by listening the script. Each of these films has a different genre and different characterization.

Anushka was quite clear in the beginning of the year, that 2015 has a lot to offer by accepting the above films. Let’s recap the three avatars of Anushka Shetty in which she mesmerized the audience all across the globe.

Baahubali- The Beginnig:

This film has nothing special to talk about. We all know how huge hit this film has become. In this magnum piece of S.S.Rajamouli’s, Anushka has a small role to portray. Her character in this film is named as Devasena, who is the mother of Mahendra Baahubali (Prabhas).

Anushka Shetty in Baahubali
Anushka Shetty in Baahubali

Now, a heroine to embed in a role of mother that too for a top hero is a mighty task, as per look wise and career wise. But Anushka took off the character so well that audience didn’t have any complaints about her or her role in this film, except for a small screen presence to which she has to say “Wait till you watch the second part. Rajamouli has reserved the best part for me in the sequel.”

Her look, body language and appearance in the first part were so impressive that few critics focused only on her character and decided the review. Let’s see what second part has to offer us. Let’s be greedy and expect more in the conclusion part.


The historical based film that portrays the life of warrior queen Rani Rudhramadevi is directed by Gunasekhar. In this, Anushka has played the title role and was the perfect choice for the role.

Anushka in Rudhramadevi
Anushka in Rudhramadevi

For this character, Anushka has under gone sword fight training, horse riding and what not. The dialogues that were uttered by her in this film were perfectly timed.

She has gone a physical change as she has to lose little weight and look lean as the warrior queen. After the complete filming of Rudhramadevi, director Gunasekhar quoted saying “Anushka Shetty was destined to star in ‘Rudramadevi” that the amount of impact Anushka left upon the film maker.

Seriously we don’t have any proof of how Rudhramadevi really looked like. But after watching ‘Rudhramadevi’ we all come to a conclusion that the real queen might have looked like Anushka so are her acting, costumes, appearance and dialogue’s.

Size Zero:

Only the title of film is ‘Size Zero,’ while Anushka’s character in the film is one that of an overweight girl.The story runs on a sensitive line of an overweight girl falling in love with a guy and try’s to become slim in order to impress him.

Anushka Shetty in Size Zero
Anushka Shetty in Size Zero

Anushka, who played the role of ‘Sweety’ Soundarya has gone over a weight transformation for the character. She, who weighted 80 Kilos for Rudhramdevi, put on 100 kilos for ‘Size Zero,’ this transformation even kept her health in a real danger. But as we said ‘Challenge accepted’ is what Anushka had in her mind and successfully played the role of an overweight.

This film left critics in praises over Anushka.

That’s how Anushka was seen in three different roles in three different films. Kudos Sweety for mesmerizing the audience with three different roles in a single year.

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