Anushka Shetty Mother Comments On Anushka’s Marriage

In the recent times, a lot of rumours started floating on the social media regarding the wedding of Anushka and Prabhas. Many times in the past, when the rumors were spread, either of the actors have condemned them. Now, the latest update is that Anushka’s mother has finally reacted to this rumors and gave a clarification for once and for all.

Anushka Shetty Mother About Sweety Marriage
Anushka Shetty Mother About Sweety Marriage

Anushka’s mother interacted with the media and told that there is nothing that is cooking up between Anushka and Prabhas. She told that both of them are good friends. Her mother also said that Anushka would like to have a Mr Perfect husband like Prabhas but both of them are just friends and the wedding is not happening at all.

With this current announcement, we expect that there is an end for the rumors that are floating on a social media.

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