Anushka Sharma’s dual life in P.K!


P.K is one film that has been piquing our interests since its very inception. The film has been making waves for all the right reasons and with its posters and unique marketing skills; it has kept us upon our toes. Now we dig in and bring out more news about the film to you!

Anushka Sharma’s crop hair pictures went viral on the Internet and there have been a series of speculations about her role. We bring you the actual story behind the look. It is revealed that Anushka Sharma will be seen playing dual life in the film. She is an aspiring Journalist, a student at Bruges. And on the other hand she has a secret life of a prostitute.

She meets Sushant Singh Rajput in Belgium and refuses to marry him because of her secret life. She then flies back to India and bumps into Alien Aamir Khan. And then the story unfolds. Well haven’t we given much away? Now that we know about the story behind Anushka’s look in the film, we are just waiting for Aamir’s character to unfurl.

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