Anushka is the reason for trailer delay: Claims Rajamouli

Visionary director Rajamouli has given a much needed promotional interview to top anchor Suma recently. During the interview, he revealed the details of the Bahubali-2 trailer.

Baahubali 2 Trailer
Baahubali 2 Trailer

Rajamouli said that the trailer which is on the editing table would be out in the midway of March. When Suma enquired the reason for the delay, he said many things but highlighted Anushka as one of the main reasons. According to Rajamouli, Anushka has gained weight for her critically acclaimed Size Zero flick. After that flick, she had failed to come back to her former shape to continue her acting in the sequel of Bahubali. As there is no time, Rajamouli continued to shoot the movie with Anushka with chubby looks. So the VFX team is taking the time to reshape the size of Anushka in the trailer for the same look from the first part.

He accepted that he did effects for the released Picture of Bahubali and Devasena holding a bow and an arrow. However, he covered her lead actress that she did cut down her weight a bit compared to earlier and he did graphics for her perfect look.

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