Anushka to promote PK with Naked transistor wear!

Anushka Sharma PK Poster

Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma felt that her role is lagging in the flick “PK”. It is known that Amir Khan got the entire attention with his transistor wear poster for this flick. It turned viral and it fetched huge publicity to this flick. Now, Anushka Sharma decided to come up with transistor wear.

It seems that she is going to impress her Whatsapp audience with this look. She even mentioned her fans to look at her in the transistor wear. Few fans stated that she may use 2 transistors to cover herself. Anushka publicly gave a statement in a video that she is ready to come up with transistor wear.

Looks like this serious girl may turn up the controversies back in Bollywood on “PK”. Few fans included Virat Kohli too in this discussion. We have to see how Bollywood stars and Cricket Stars react to this act of Anushka Sharma.

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