Anushka in marriage mood

Tollywood actress Anusha Shetty is now looking like she is in marriage mood. This lady who has lots of offers in hand in the present scenario, stopped signing for new movies in Tollywood. As per the latest information, Anushka is not looking keenly on new projects.

Anushka Marriage Mood

After “Bahubali” and “Linga”, Anushka will have long gap as she is not signing any flicks. This is further leading to the assumptions that she will get married soon. Anushka is in marriage mood is now the talk in the social media sites. Even though, Anushka’s manager denied the rumors on her marriage, this act of Anushka is making people think about her marriage.

Age of Anushka too is making audience focus on this topic. In fact, Anushka’s parents are in search of a groom and they might have got few matches for her. She may decide on her marriage once “Bahubali” and “Linga” gets completed. Stay tuned to know more about this marriage.

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