Anushka in Singham 3

Anushka Shetty is confirmed of playing as heroine in the 3rd part of Singham.

With being roped into the 3rd part of Singham, Anushka has successfully completed as a heroine in a movie series. This is a record. From Hollywood to Kollywood any film that has sequel doesn’t have the same heroine in it. The hero is the same in sequels but the heroines change. Director Hari broke this rule by casting Anushka once again.

Suriya and Anushka in Singham 3
Suriya and Anushka in Singham 3

In the first part that released in 2010, Anushka played as the love interest of Suriya. In the second part she was accompanied with Hansika. Since Hansika appeared in Singam 2, Anushka’s character was restricted of more scenes. In this third venture Shruthi Hassan is rumoured of accompanying both Suriya and Anushka.

Beside Singam 3, Anushka Shetty has gained an overweight for size zero. With her overweight, she says that being fit is a headache and gaining weight is happy. This yoga teacher also has few tips of increasing weight.

People who want to increase weight should always eat some or the other thing. Without considering any time, you should eat at any time, and then you can increase your weight quickly. Well these tips are a part of promotion for her film Size Zero.

Anushka’s latest flick “Rudhramadevi” is releasing on 9th of October and she is hoping that it turns out to be a hit at the box-office.

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