Anushka gave strong statement on her marriage

Sizzling beauty Anushka Shetty has a special place in South India. Even after crossing 30, she is still on demand in both Tollywood and Kollywood film industries. Her competitors got washed away in these industries and she is still on the top with highest remuneration packages.

Anushka Shetty on Marriage

“When will Anushka Shetty marry?” is a hot topic in the social media sites. Even few media channels too were trying to get secrets of Anushka from their family members. There is a buzz in the media that the parents of this beauty are in search of a groom. This raised the level of popularity to this beauty and the media started guessing her groom.

Looks like, Anushka got vexed up with the assumptions of the media channels. She finally gave a strong statement that her marriage will not be there in the near future. She asked media to stop asking her this question. Hence, we can enjoy Anushka’s venture for few more months.

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