Anushka and Arya trying to fill the gap!

Anushka and Aarya Gap

Beauty queen Anushka and Arya, who worked for PVP banner for the venture “Varna” failed to make it big. Producers went into loss to some extent for this flick. Taking this into consideration, both Anushka and Arya decided to cut down their remunerations and work at nominal price for the upcoming flick “Size Zero”.

PVP banner is producing this venture while Prakash, son of Raghavendra Rao is directing this flick. Prakash’s wife Kanika is penning the story for this film. Anushka and Arya are now trying to fill the loss gap for the producers.

This is a noble act from both the leading actors. Even in their busy schedules, the allocated some time for their past producer and are working at nominal prices. Inspiring act.

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