Anupam rejected Chaitanya?

The Don hero, Nagarjuna is keen to launch his heir, Chaitanya as the new star in the bloc. So far, Nagarjuna is trying hard to support his nephew Sumanth and now planning to introduce other nephew, Sushanth to the filmdom under his Annapoorna Productions banner. It is rumoured in the recent times that, Nagarjuna is also making moves to prepare his son, Chaitanya to the movie world. Chaitanya also appeared in a couple of events and become the show-stealer.

It is revealed that, Nag has approached Anupam Kher, the veteran actor and director of the famous acting school, Actor Prepares for admitting Chaitanya in the school! If the grapevine is to be believed that, the admission of Chaitanya has been kept aside for want of clearing the test of audition now! It seems, the troubles have started to the star-kid at the initial stage itself! 

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