Anupam caught outside Big B’s house!

Anupam Kher is a die-hard Amitabh Bachchan fan and this is the essence of what Karan Razdan has incorporated into the character of Bhatti in Mr Bhatti on Chutti. Interestingly, during the Trishul days, Anupam Kher, a staunch fan of Bachchan, used to get his friend Satish Kaushik to check out where Trishul was being shot to get a glimpse of the Big B.

In fact, a little bird tells us of how Anupam was once very fascinated when he actually shook hands with Bachchan in his struggling days. This fascination has a comet of life in the film where they actually shot a scene outside Mr Bachchan’s bungalow where Bahtti is trying to get a glimpse of the Big B. Says Karan Razdan, "I had got a 1958 model car and requested the security guard of Mr Bachchan’s bungalow that when Mr Bhatti comes close to the gate, tell him "aagae jao, agae jao…" or something rude like that."

Take after take, the security guard just refused to oblige. An exasperated Karan Razdan went to the security guard and asked "kyo nahi bol rahe ho aap inko aagae jaane ko" and the answer was "Kaise boloon sahib, yeh sahib to andar aate hain hamesha!!!"

But the idolisation of Mr Bachchan is something that Anupam Kher completely identifies with. As for Karan Razdan, he incidentally plays a director in his own film where he stands outside Bachchan’s bungalow for a narration and comes face to face with Mr Bhatti. Now, is that another Bachchan die-hard fan! Reports Indiatimes Movies.

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