Antham 2016 Movie Review – No Swargam From Rashmi Gautam

Rating: 1/5

Critic Rating: (1/5)

Rashmi Gautham, who made youth go gaga over her with her role of Suvarna in Guntur Talkies. Her oozing glamour and sensual acts are one of the attractions. Her bold avatar made youth go gaga over her. She is now coming as Vanitha in Antham movie. Already she accused director for misusing her shots and skipped the movie promotions with hero. She is shown in a glamour avatar in its trailer which is releasing today directed and produced by Gssp Kalyan and Hanu charan creations. Lets see how it works on us!!


Rashmi Gautam in Antham
Rashmi Gautam in Antham

Kalyan (Charan) and Vanitha (Rashmi Gautham) are working couple who lives happily in Hyderabad. Kalyan (Charan) goes to Vijayawada to cast his vote leaving his wife in Hyderabad. He starts to return from Vijayawada to Hyderabad in his car. On the way Sudarshan joins him. Suddenly an unknown person (Vasudev) threatens to kidnap and kill Kalyan’s wife and gives him a mission. Subject to the influence of that person, Kalyan agrees to do anything he say. Unknown credits 20 lakhs in his account and asks him to go to a small village to get a key and after that to a bus stop to collect a dvd and after that to another village and receives a bag finally and finds something. What is that?? What is that Kalyan is doing?? Why is he doing?? forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Reshmi Gautham as Vanitha is good to her extent. She is meant to her glamour show and sensual acts. Charan is okay as Kalyan. He looks more like a villain than a hero. Vasudev as protagonist is average and is so loud. YouTube star Sudharshan who is roped to generate few laughs has failed miserably with flawed execution. All other actors are unknown faces and are pathetic.

Writing Department

Antham 2016 Telugu Movie Review
Antham 2016 Telugu Movie Review

Story of this Antham is just okay. Dialogues are bad and seem to be rewritten versions of some famous dialogues. Screenplay is very bad and fails to engage audience.

Technical Departments

Music by Karthik Rodriguez is okay. He tried to elevate the movie so many times with his background music but failed. Cinematography, Editing and vfx which are handled by Gssp Kalyan who is also the director are just okay and bad at times. Editing is so bad. Production values are very poor.



  • Can’t find any


  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Cinematography
  • Music


Everyone goes to this Antham movie expecting glamour show of Reshmi Gautham. Having this in mind director Kalyan has shot a song of Krishnavamsi “Ee Velalo song” on both the leads. Screenplay is so bad and audience start leaving after the very first 15 minutes from start. There is nothing in the movie that attracts any type of audience. Director has deceived audience by showing some glamourous shots of Rashmi in trailer and failed to live upto that expectations. Both the leads has already skipped the promotions for some reasons. This might be the reason for their skipping and already Rashmi has accused director Kalyan for the shots in trailer and deceiving audience. Why the actors agreed to do a scrap film like this is a very big question. Money might be the biggest reason. Sudharshan is totally wasted in this movie. Whenever an actor do film only for money giving less importance to script, a film like this releases.How someone with this bad film able o find distributors to release is another question.To sum up, this Antham is a bad and scrap film we must skip. Watch it if you like Rashmi Gautham in Guntur Talkies and extra bucks!!

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