Ansiba Hassan lashes out against cyber attacks!

Actress Ansiba Hassan, the Drishyam star, has been subjected to cyber abuse with religious overtones in the past few days on her Facebook page. The whole thing started when a few pics of her taken in a photo shoot with some revealing clothing and in some steamy poses went viral.


The attacks or rather cyber bullying of a kind was along the lines of accusing her of breaking the tenets of her religion by not wearing a purdah. The extremely ridiculous ones even went to the extent of warning her that she will pay for her actions in God’s court.

Now Ansiba has responded to these comments saying that she would be criticized no matter what she wears or does and that this one in particular was a fake and concerted campaign. She feels this way because most of the comments seem to be around pics in which she is wearing a full sleeved churidar. And to make matters even more suspect, it looks like the abusers are ‘liking’ the pic before throwing their two cents in.

So it begins to look more like abusing for abuse’s sake rather than out of any real faith based indignation.

The starlet also made it clear that she does wear a purdah when she goes out in public. To be more emphatic on how little she cares for these allegations, she said that she isn’t too fond of social media in the first place and just like the other actors, she uses it mainly for marketing purposes.

Well, it looks like that backfired here … or did it? After all, any publicity is good publicity in showbiz, and her pics, though controversial, did go viral.

Ansiba is unperturbed in any case, and it doesn’t look like these ravings of anonymous ‘cyber fundamentalists’ have dented her career plans in anyway. Apparently, she also is aware of the fact that there are many fake accounts in her name in the social media as well.. but again, she couldn’t care less.

Well good luck to Ansiba on the career front..

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