ANR’s clothing – Latest Indian traditional fashion!

ANR Fashion

ANR’s dressing sense used to be in complete Indian tradition. There are few shops in Hyderabad which specially makes clothes of that style. As per the updates, they even have Indian traditional dresses with ANR’s measurements.

It seems that when close people to ANR feel like giving gifts to ANR, they used to go those shops and ask them ANR’s clothing. These clothing starts at Rs. 3800 and this now turned famous in Hyderabad in current scenario. Majority of the elderly people, who are mainly the fans of ANR started following his dressing style.

With this, the information about these shops and the fashion came on to the limelight. Apart from ANR, C NA Re’s (C.Narayana Reddy) clothing too was famous in these shops. Slowly, Hyderabad is becoming a hub for Indian traditional fashion.

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