ANR – Life On Screen

A career spanning for more than 73 years, more than 250 films, more than 5 decades of film journey – all constitute the profile of acting stalwart of Indian Cinema, Late Sri Akkineni Nageswara Rao. A man who defined the very essence of Telugu films with his great acting prowess, starting from stage as a theater artist to the silver screen, passed away after 91 glorious years of giving. A doting father, grandfather and great grandfather, ANR was more than just the screen idol. He was an inspiration to millions as a personality.

A receiver of honorary Dada Saheb Phalke Award and Padma Vibhushan, ANR is one of the eternal and iconic personalities of Telugu film domain, immortal.

We take a look at some of the glimpses from his life on screen, in pictures, mourning the great loss.


ANR made a strong presence with his classy role as Devdas

ANR as Devdas



An in depth experience on stage made him play some periodical roles with effortless ease. His role as Abhimayu in Mayabazar will never be forgotten.

ANR as Abhimanyu in Mayabazar



Then came the journey of romantic and family roles where ANR was portrayed as sheer feminist and a ladies man. His role in Missamma, for one.

ANR in Missamma



ANR’s association with NTR on screen is not unknown. The two icons dazzled the marquee with their great vibes and unmatched talent. Here, the two shone as Lord Krishna and Arjuna in Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham

With NTR as Arjuna in Krishnarjuna Yuddham



Striking chord as a romantic, ANR’s role as Saleem in the movie Anarkali is immortal. Actress Anjali Devi who also passed away lately, played his lady love on screen, admired by many.

ANR in Anarkali



Who can forget the great combo of these two in Gundamma Katha as brothers. A hilarious dramedy of love, relationships and values, Gundamma Katha is forever a favorite with Telugu households.

ANR in Gundemma Katha



His role as a die hard lover in Dr Ramanaidu’s Premnagar remains an epic

ANR in Premnagar


Though people saw the usual ANR – Savithri pairing on screen often, many also adored his pairing with Jamuna. ANR played some remarkable roles with her in films like Illarikam, Gundamma Katha and Moogamansulu.

ANR and Jamuna


His avatar as Bhakta Tukaram touched many..

ANR as Bhakta Tukaram



From family and romantic to flirtatious. ANR’s playboy roles in films like Secretary depict style with charms. With Jayalalitha in a still.. 

ANR with Jayalalitha



Until recently, ANR continued to entertain the audience with his presence. His role with Siddharth in the recent film Chukkallo Chandrudu was endearing..

ANR with Siddharth



Then came some mind blowing performances in films like Sri Ramadasu and Sri Ramarajyam. His role as Kabirdas and Valmiki touched hearts. The fact that he was past 90 and still wearing grease shows his undying passion for cinema.

ANR in SriRamaRajyam


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