Another writer slammed Keeravani

The comments of Keeravani on his Twitter about lyricists have irked all the writers. After Ramajogayya, another writer expressed his disgust.

MM Keeravani and Bhaskar Bhatla
MM Keeravani and Bhaskar Bhatla

Senior star composer M M Keeravani has made very derogatory comments on the contemporary directors and lyricists on the day of Baahubali-2 audio release. Along with fans, lyricists and directors were shocked to see him making these comments on his Twitter. Recently, the star writer Ramajogayya Sastry has smoothly condemned Keeravani’s comments and asked him to write better lyrics than them. Now the veteran lyricists Bhaskarabhatla took his Twitter to ridicule Keeravani. He asked Keeravani to work with other music directors to write good songs. Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar went further and said that Keeravani is the only savior of Telugu poetry. He ended his anger by declaring that Keeravani stands only next to the legends Veturi and Sirivennela.

There is no doubt that Keeravani is one of the finest composer and decent writer. But he did mistake by making unnecessary comments for his stature. Now he is facing the heat.

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