Another Telugu Heroine Turns Call Girl

Madhavi Latha, the Telugu actress who made us feel with the films Nachavule, Snehituda and Aravind 2, is now featuring as a call girl in a short film. Doing a call girl character is really challenging, and that is why many actresses don’t choose those roles. But some actress wantedly chooses such roles because they consider them to be the chance to demonstrate their acting skills freely and moreover, there are a lot of chances for bagging many awards, rewards, etc., too.

Madhavi Latha in short film
Madhavi Latha in short film

Going deep into the details, Tollywood actress Madhavi Latha was supposed to do a couple of films last year, and they are shelved for different reasons. Anyway, this Bellary girl lately realized that big screen is not the only place to display the talent. So, she is doing a short film titled as “On Mona’s Birthday”. Narendra Nath directed it. Recently the short film’s short teaser has been released.Not only Madhavi Latha but a lot of actors like Chaitanya Krishna, Anand Krishna (Nandu) and even Sandeep Kishan did short films when they don’t have many offers in hand. And it did work for them to bag new roles.

Now, let’s wait and see if Madhavi Latha can exhibit her acting skills in this short film and can get a handfull of film offers for her.

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