Another Singer-Actor story to wedlock

This seems to be a season for Singers and Actors getting hitched. First it was singer Geetha Madhuri who got engaged to Actor Nandu, and now it is the turn of love birds Rahul Ravindran and Chinmayi Sripada. Rahul made his entry into Tollywood with Hanumanth’s Andhaala Rakshasi and Chinmayi is a well known Singer cum voice artist. She is the voice behind Samantha’s trademark husky tone that set a trend with Ye Maaya Chesaave. The duo has a very fairy tale kind of story which culminated into long term relationship. Rahul met Chinmayi at the film premiere of Andhaala Rakshasi and was floored by her voice and charm. They dated for about three months and have finally figured that this was a serious relationship. The couple finally have the blessings from their parents to take this to the next level of marriage. Elated with his personal success, Rahul said – “2012 gave me Andhaala Rakshasi, 2013, my love and 2014, we will be married. I am excited..”

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