Another Love-Birds Making Hulchul in TFI

While the discussion about who the ‘Mr. Perfect’ of top actress Samantha is still hovering over, and we hear from the sources that another celeb couple is having a good time in Telugu Film Industry.

Love Birds in Tollywood
Love Birds in Tollywood

It is said that the duo got gelled in no time even though they haven’t acted in a single film together. The hero is said to be from a star family, and the crazy heroine is bagging almost all the films of star heroes in recent times. Both are said to be clever enough to be not spotted together at any public event, but they are having great fun we heard.

The hero is rumored to have had affairs with many actresses in the past, and the actress recently broke up with another hero to fall for him. The duo is successfully playing hide and seek with media by trying their best to keep the affair under wraps.

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