Another hurdle for Lakshmi’s NTR

Ram Gopal Varma’s latest film ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ is still facing a lot of troubles for its release in Andhra Pradesh. RGV announced that the film will be simultaneously releasing in both states, but Election Commission has requested to put the film on hold for the elections.

Lakshmis NTR
Lakshmis NTR

After elections, RGV planned for a press meet and he couldn’t manage to conduct that event too. After a lot of fighting the film got a release date and now it seems like even that is not possible. Now, the news reveals that the election commission has ordered that the film cannot be released until the 19th of this month as a few places in AP like Chandragiri are going into re-polling. So, looks like the film will only release post the results of the election which will be out on the 23rd of this month.

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