Another Hurdle For Hrithik’s Super 30

Things are not going good for Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film Super 30. Already, the film’s release was delayed for seven months due to the MeToo case filed on its director Super 30. After a lot of hurdles, the makers managed to finish the film and announced that it will release on July 12.

Hrithik Super 30
Hrithik’s Super 30

Now, it got stuck in a fresh controversy as few IIT students filed a petition against Anand Kumar, whose biopic the film is. The students stated in PIL that Anand getting so many students into IIT’s is false news. They added that how can the film celebrate a man’s life which is filled with fakeness.

There is already a petition filed on Anand to prove his statements of getting so many students into IIT’s as true, but the mathematician is yet to respond on those allegations. Thus, the students want the film’s release to be stalled until Anand comes up with definite proofs. We have to see how the makers will respond to the issue

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