Another hero debuting from Nandamuri family

Nandamuri Family Mokshagna

Nandamuri Family is now trying to get back into the race. After Jr.NTR, one more star kid is getting ready to debut Tollywood as a child artist from the Nandamuri Family. This kid’s name is Taraka Rama Rao and he is coming up in the role of Krishna in “Dana Veera Sura Karna”.

This star kid is the son of Janaki Ram and just like Jr.NTR’s debut, this star kid too is starting his career with a mythological venture, that too as a child artist. It is a noted fact that even though there are several heroes from Nandamuri Family, only Jr.NTR came on to the top of the list.

Kalyan Ram too followed success track for a while but he is not the top heroes list of Tollywood. Other heroes were not seen much on silver screen. Mokshagna’s debut is expected to bring the right attention to the Nandamuri Family. Stay tuned for more updates.

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