Another favorite hero enters the wedlock!

It truly is the season of pelli with not just your neighbor or your cousin getting married but also—you might want to take a deep breath—many of our Telugu heroes are ready to walk seven times around the fire. This month is already seeing the confirmed marriages of Manchu Manoj and Allari Naresh but now another young hero, Actor Naveen Chandra has joined the bandwagon.

Naveen Chandra Marriage

Although we wish we had some explanation on what’s causing these wedding waves, Naveen was only able to share the news that he was following his friend’s footsteps. At the James Bond audio release function he announced, “I’d like to congratulate Naresh first who is going to enter wedlock. And the good news I’d like to share with him and all of you is that I’m also going to get married soon. Whenever he meets, he asks me about my wedding plans. So I’m sure, this would make him feel elated as I’m following his suit.”

Photos: Allari Naresh Engagement Photos

When asked about the details of the lucky girl bagging the star of Andala Rakshasi and Dalam, he said that everything else is yet to be finalized. He added, “It’s an arranged marriage and no, the girl is not from film industry.”

What is with all the secrecy, Naveen?

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