Another actress shares about sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement has brought change in the Indian film industry and many actresses across the country are now coming forward to share the dark secrets of their life and what all they had to undergo to get good offers in films. Marathi actress Shruti Marathe is the latest entrant to this list.

Shruti Marathe
Shruti Marathe

She explained in a recent interview on how she faced casting couch incidents and how a producer openly used words like ‘compromise’ and ‘one night’, with her. She said, “I knew that I couldn’t let this slip so I gave it back to him, I asked him, ‘So if you want me to sleep with you, who are you making the hero sleep with?’ He was stunned. Right after the meeting, I informed the others of his behavior and they asked him to leave the project.”

“All it took was one minute of being fearless – that day, I didn’t just stand up for me… I stood up for every woman out there who has been objectified and judged for simply being who she is; for simply being ambitious,” Marathe added. It was inspiring to see Shruti Marathe handle such incidents with courage and even netizens are saluting her after hearing out her story.

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