Anoop Menon and Bhavana in love?

Well, that rumour has been going around for a while now, and it seems that’s the question on many people’s minds.
Especially many of the viewers of the duo’s recent movie Angry Babies in Love, who, according to the director, watched the movie specifically to ‘check’ if the onscreen couple were really in love off screen as well!


Well, though we’re not sure how the ‘checking’ was done, the director Saji Surendran, seems unperturbed by it and in fact, is maybe even a little happy about the unfounded rumour.

“It gave the movie good word of mouth publicity and worked out well for us, ” says the film maker about his film, which by the way has been declared a success.

The story of the events behind Angry Babies in Love, is a tale by itself.

The film, which was actually completed over a year ago, was destined to vanish in to obscurity as it had trouble finding a buyer for its satellite rights and then a distributor. Finally, at a special screening, it was veteran director Lal Jose who saw, liked and picked up the flick to be distributed under the banner of his own company LJ Films.

Anoop Menon and Bhavana star in the movie as a couple who fall in love and elope, only to find that real life is very different from the fantasy of a love story.

Now, are the actors who play a reel life couple so well, a little more than just colleagues? We do not know, but the rumour mill doesn’t seem to want to let this go anytime soon.

Bhavana has said in the past that she feels comfortable working with Anoop and that they’re good friends, nothing more.

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