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After a spiraling free of non-performers, Power Star Pawan Kalyan narrowly clinched the deal with his latest flick “Annavaram”. The strong dose of sister sentiment and action scenes have worked out for a section of the audiences, but its strength to run for long has proved doubtful. Clearly trekking the line of remakes, “Annavaram”, yet again is a remake of Tamil hit movie “Tirupatchi”, which starred Vijay. The combine of Bhimineni Srinivasa Rao and Pawan Kalyan after “Suswagatham” has received a jolt with “Annavaram”. However, compared to the previous flicks of Pawan Kalyan post-Kushi, this movie is far better and would give a boost to the sustaining stardom. 
Shot in the backdrop of Telengana, Annavaram (Pawan Kalayan) is a village guy with sharp outlook. Varam (Sandhya of Premiste fame) is his beloved sister. The brother can do anything for Varam’s happiness. Narasimha (Venu Madhav) is Annavaram’s buddy. Now, the brother desperately wants an urban husband for Varam and her marriage is performed with a modest man (Siva Balaji), who runs a college canteen in Hyderabad.
Tapasu Balu (Asish Vidyarthi) and Pooranapul Dada (Lal) are the villains who make Hyderabad without law and order and there is no safety for the woman. The story so set, Annavaram arrives in Hyderabad to see his sister and brother-in-law. Things are different and he silently bears the humiliation from the baddies for the sake of his sister’s safety. On his second visit, Annavaram accompanies his friend Narasimha, who is about to fly to Dubai for his job. But, the friend is brutally killed by the goons. Annavaram realizes his duty – to avenge his friend’s death and also to make Hyderabad a city free from the violence and goondaism, more in the interest of his sister’s safety. How, he achieves this mission forms the crux of the story.]
Pawan Kalyan steals the show all through the movie. He appears energetic and lively in his characterization. However, he has shed his own mannerisms and punches in dialogue delivery – and strictly restrained himself to the storyline and to the demands of the director. This way, you will see a different Pawan Kalyan here.Heroine Asin is just for glamour and has no clear role except for shaking legs with the hero in a couple of songs.
Sandhya performed well. Her characterization has more footage than the heroine, which comes as a convincing one going by the title of the movie.  
Venu Madhav and Brahmaji played the friends to the hero. Venu Madhav sets the mission of the hero, while Brahmaji finishes the same by assisting him. 
The villainy of Asish Vidyarthi and Lal are adequate. Ali, Sunil, Brahmanandam, LB Sriram, etc have played guest roles and contributed their might to the comedy track. Naga Babu appears in the role of a police officer.
Technical values
The story has fared out to be a run-of-the-mill stuff, though it is the remake of a Tamil hit Tirupatchi. Director Bhimineni Srinivasa Rao presented the first half in a smooth sailing manner without any happening to take note, but stuffs the second half with heavy stuff and violence and twists, much to the embarrassment of the audience. Screenplay should have been better by judicious play from start to finish.Music by Ramana Gogula is nice and songs are good. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are average. Stunts by Vijayan are excellent. Major minus point is that it lacks the comedy and hence disappoints the audiences.Cinematography is good. The production values of the Mega Supergood Films are appreciating. 
The movie is released to houseful crowds and out-and-out black-marketing of tickets, true to the fashion of a Pawan Kalyan film! But, the stamina to withstand the forthcoming weeks is surely doubtful.
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