Ankit, Pallavi & Friends

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

A youthful treat, the story begins with Pallavi (Megha) who is a topper in her academics and holds a lucrative job in an IT firm and on the contrast are her group of friends Ankit (Nikhil), Sunil (Surya) and others. Ankit is all about music and in this process he also fails his degree exams, even his other friends are not much into anything except for one who wants to go to US. Ankit wants to make it big in the music world but does not get the right break, meanwhile love blossoms between Ankit and Pallavi. In no time, cracks start to appear since Pallavi believes in a white collared job and is not confident about Ankit’s abilities and his plans. On the other hand, Ankit is adamant about himself and his confidence. Incidents build up one after the other and both end up parting ways. Later on, Ankit does manage to get a break and also his friends who have been lying idle for quite some time get into something worthwhile solving their personal issues too. Both Ankit and Pallavi miss each other but soon Ankit grows to become a well known musician. But do they get to meet? What happens to the clashes take place between them? How does the friends group manage to get a direction in their life? All this forms the rest of the story.




The director has come out with a concept which is appealing but then he has not been able to conceive it very well on the screen. The presentation was alright but the narrative lacked structure, the amateurish efforts were clearly visible in almost every scene. Dialogues were alright, script was weak, screenplay was just about okay. The main highlight for the film is the music and the songs which have come out really well. The camera department also has done a decent job, editing was brittle and the rhythm of the film was quite disoriented. Nikhil has yet again come up with an energetic performance but then he was overreacting at few sensitive emotional scenes, even his dance prowess was not used to the fullest. Megha was cute, looked very good in few angles however her acting still needs to get more polished. Surya was a real show stealer with his acting and performance. Naresh looked quite weak while Sita was not able to deliver her real potential. The other artistes were unknown but they came up with a natural performance. The performance department has been alright.




While the storyline was not much in the film, it was important to keep the script in grip and make it as structured as possible. While the first half was on the lighter mode with friendship, romance and comedy it is the second half when things take a sentimental turn and the romance element is shown in different formats. The major drawback for the film is the director himself who could not present his thoughts in an organized manner. He has also failed in extracting the best performance from the artistes. The youth audience will find this appealing but there is nothing for the mass or the serious audience. Commercially, the film might get back its investment but a hit is ruled out.


Banner: Innovation cinema
Cast: Nikhil Siddharth, Megha Burman, Surya, Pradeep, Venu, Naresh, Sita and others
Music: Vinu Thomas
Cinematography: Dasari Malini
Producer: Ganji Kishore & Raghu
Director: Hari Yelleti

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