Anjali’s sweet memories about Pongal festival

Anjali Pongal

Coastal Andhra backdrop heroine, Anjali revealed her sweet memories on the Pongal festival. She mentioned that she used to enjoy Pongal with all her family members in her hometown. It seems that she used to go to Jathara along with her friends and family on Kanuma day.

Anjali mentioned that she used to buy sweets and enjoying eating them in the Jathara. She further stated that Pongal used to be an energetic festival and a fun filled family festival. It seems that Anjali used to watch lots of films with her family on the three days of the festival.

Speaking about the boys’ mischief in the Jathara, Anjali finalized that they used to tease girls sweetly and the girls too used to counter tease them in the same level. With all sorts of family related enjoyment, Pongal in her childhood days is a memorable festival.

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