Anjali’s Over Action Troubles Sindhu!

Few days back, Anjali was involved in a cold war with Badminton player Sindhu. Now, she once again raised that aspect in her recent show “Wow 2”. She participated in that show along with her “Geetanjali” team in that show and as a part of the questions, Anjali revealed a new angle in her.


One question was posed to Anjali and responding to this Anjali mentioned Sania’s name and tried to memorize Sindhu’s name. But the way she mentioned Sindhu was not respectable and hence people are now taking a look at it quite seriously. She went to her original slang and mentioned Sindhu in a non-respectable manner.

Even though she didn’t scold or fire on Sindhu in that spot, the way she mentioned her didn’t attract the audience. Looks like, this incident will raise clash between Sindhu and Anjali in later stages. For now, few people and few segments of media formed different opinion on Anjali.

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