Anjali with Jai Again

Jai and Anjali were truly astonishing as a pair and the chemistry that was displayed all over the film made this pair as one of the most happening star in the Tamil film Industry. It took nearly five years for Jai and Anjali to be paired again. Looks like the duo got back together on Anjali’s birthday, June 16. Recently Jai tweeted, “Happy Birthday Anjuuuuu.. Have a Beautiful and Happiest year.”. Anjali replied, “Thank you J this is my the best n happiest bdy ,, be with me always :).”. Is love in the air?.

Anjali and Jai
Anjali and Jai

A surprise official statement from debut director Sinish, which stated that he has roped in the hit pair of Engeym Eppodhum (Journey in Telugu) for his upcoming untitled horror film, added to speculations about Anjali and Jai reunion. Sinish said “We have great respect towards Anjali as an talented artiste. Her screen presence is awesome. In this film the character she plays needs intensified performance. It was a unanimous choice to have her on board”.

Sinish says, “We will start shooting with both the stars from July 6, in Chennai. Anjali plays an IT professional. The film has another female lead as well — she will be finalised in a week’s time. Interestingly, all the characters in this film, including the leads, play ghosts. This enthusiasm will remain all over the film”

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