Anjali to play Hijra

Telugu girl Anjali is known to be a talented actress. She has already proved her acting skills with few acclaimed roles. Now, she is said to be getting ready to play the most difficult character of her career, for that matter for any actress’s career, a hijra sex worker.

Anjali as Hijra
Anjali as Hijra

Anjali has recently been roped in to pair up with Malayalam superstar Mammootty. The film will be directed by National Award winning filmmaker Ram. Anjali is offered the role of a transgender sex worker in this film.

An actress must needs guts to accept such role, but Anjali has signed the film without nay fuss. To playa third gender prostitute, Anjali requires heavy physical transformation, and we can expect a National Award for this kind of role.

Meanwhile, Anjali is waiting for the release of Balakrishna’s ‘Dictator’, in which she is the leading lady.

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