Anjali in lady oriented film under Neelakanta direction

After bagging a hit with ‘Geethanjali,’ heroine Anjali made clear that she too is in the competition for lady-oriented films along with Anushka and Nayantara. Anjali, who is busy with a hand full of films, is currently doing Balakrishna’s 99th film ‘Dictator’ directed by Sriwass and ‘Chitrangada’ film under the direction of Ashok Kumar. Apart from these, her new flick ‘Sankarabharanam’ will be releasing in the month of December.

Anjali and Neelakanta
Anjali and Neelakanta

Now the bubbly beauty has agreed to do another lady oriented film in Telugu. National Award Winning Telugu director Neelakanta Reddy will be directing this film. Neelakanta, who is a stereoscopic director, always managed to do films that are more in content. His films ‘Show’ and ‘Missamma’ have gained wide popularity and fetched him two national awards to him.

The news is that he recently met heroine Anjali and narrated the story line of a lady oriented film. Impressed by the story, Anjali has given a nod followed by allotting bulk dates to portray the role. This film is rumored to be a psychological thriller.

Neelakanta-Anjali is definitely as worth watching film. This film will begin its regular shooting from the begging of next year. Further cast and crew still to be announced.

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