Anjali gets a Costly gift

Telugu Heroine Anjali has received a brand new BMW Car as a gift and a photo of Anjali with BMW Car shared by writer turned producer Kona Venkat on his Facebook page. Anjali’s forthcoming lady oriented film Geethanjali has completed the shooting and the audio of the film is also launched and the movie is getting ready for release soon.


Now the latest topic in the film nagar is that who gifted that costly BMW car to Anjali. As per the sources this photo shared by Kona Venkat, rumors are speculating that Venkat only gifted this car to Anjali for acting in the film Geethanjali because Kona Venkat is also a producer for Geethanjali movie. So, did he gifted this car as remuneration to Anjali. It seems Anjali also become an expensive heroine in Tollywood.

So, no one knows who is the secret person behind this car gift!! Any guess please leave a comment below here!!

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