Did Anjali get cosmetic surgery?

Well, what can you say about the actress Anjali that hasn’t already been said by gossip magazines for months now. Controversial? You betcha! Stubborn? Absolutely. Beautiful? No doubt there as well.


So then is it true that the actress opted to have cosmetic surgery recently? Her nose to be exact, the sources say, has been ‘corrected’. Well, that’s the news that has sprung up out of nowhere now and needless to say people were not surprised, given the actress’s news worthy life in the recent past.

Anjali though has quite clearly and vehemently denied it. She argues that she has no ‘need’ for plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements. Now there we agree, but then where did the news originate?

Who knows.. but one thing’s for sure, there’s hardly ever smoke without at least a small fire some place.

Anjali is currently starring in a film opposite Jayam Ravi, after creating much bru ha ha in the industry for not completing director Mu Kalanjiyam’s film Oor Sutri Poranem.

The producers association, which sided with the director/producer that the actress should finish her portions of the film or compensate Kalanjiyam for his considerable financial losses, had banned the actress, in a manner of speaking, from working until she sorted it out.

But in a move that upset the status quo, she started working in the Jayam Ravi starrer, and the producers and Kalanjiyam are not too thrilled about it.

They had threatened legal action earlier but the actress had remained adamant. It now remains to be seen how things will play out.

But definitely, cosmetic surgery amidst all of this does seem a bit extravagant or needless, and maybe the actress is right and the news is baseless. Either way, in the end, the fans certainly won’t complain if she looks prettier than before..

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