Aniston’s sex tape on net!

About time, you might think at first but wait – this is no ordinary ‘sex tape’ – it is the ultimate viral video complete with dozens of adorable puppies, dancing babies and a fat man crying at a rainbow.

The video, jokingly marketed as ”Jen Aniston”s Sex Tape”, advertises Smart Water, a brand that the actress has promoted previously, reports the Daily Mail.

It begins with a chubby cheeked child singing to the song ‘Like A G6’ followed by Aniston dressed in tight trousers and a vest top.

She replaces the child and is soon surrounded by a crush of golden retriever puppies.

A talking parrot features next, before a few computer generated babies appear and start dirty dancing.
Next a fan man arrives and starts crying at a double rainbow, only to be comforted by Aniston, who is then approached by a ginger haired man who tells her he”s been in love with her ”like forever”.
She kicks him in the groin.

"Sorry," she says, "I”ve just been told that”s worth about a 100,000 hits."

After attempting to drink seductively from a bottle of smart water she bursts out laughing.(ANI)

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