Anil Kapoor’s Comment on Tabu’s Remuneration

Veteran Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, who is gearing up to return to the small screen with the second season of 24, has denied the rumors of actress Tabu not doing the TV series due to less remuneration.

Anil Kapoor About Tabu Remuneration
Anil Kapoor About Tabu Remuneration

Anil Kapoor cleared that there was no monetary issue, but the unit was unable to crack the deal with Tabu due to date issue. He added that there was the unavailability of dates at Tabu as she was already busy with other commitments. However, Anil said that Tabu promised him to act definitely in the next season of the series.

Anil Kapoor went on to say that he is a huge fan of Tabu, and he does not mind paying her ten times to her actual remuneration. Anil Kapoor had in the past romanced Tabu in his hit film ‘Viraasat’.

’24’ season 2 will premiere on July 17.

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