Anil Kapoor’s dazzling 24 to kick start second season


The most enjoyed show on telly these days, 24, is all geared to a second season soon. Anil Kapoor‘s much liked action thriller inspired from the original series on American television, 24 managed to keep the audience engaged with its gripping story, execution and some commendable performances from the cast. With only 8 episodes left in the first season, the viewers will surely want to see another bout of action take off.

The actor- producer of the series, Anil kapoor shared the future plans for the serial which is doing so well in terms of its viewership and production value – “The second season will start very soon. We will work even harder and will try to create an even better product” said the 56 year old star recently at a success party hosted for the show.


Anil Kapoor plays a dazzling role of Jai Singh Rathod, the chief of Anti Terrorism Unit, who battles with his professional and personal life, trying to save the Prime Minister of the Country. The first season has an impressive story line that reminds us of real life incident of the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, and the series of events that followed post the incident.


The second season will definitely be an asset to his home production, given that the audience now have a taste of what is being offered. Anil opened up with his overwhelmed feelings after such a great response to the show – “It has been good. I have never been appreciated this much. People have liked the show. The best thing is that everyone has been appreciated. ┬áSometimes in films only one actor is appreciated and people say the film ran because of that. But in this show everyone has done really well” he stated.


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