Anil Kapoor set to launch his entertainment company in Dubai

Anil Kapoor will soon launch his own venture – an all-purpose entertainment company in Dubai that will cater to different verticals in the industry.


The 57 year old actor, who was recently seen in the popular TV Series 24, will now get into a major arena called business.

The company, titled as Antila Ventures will be Anil Kapoor’s biggest project with headquarters in Dubai.

Speaking to Gulf News, the actor shared few details – “This entertainment company will contain different verticals, ranging from content creation, filmmaking, state-of-art studio, talent management and acquisition to digital media as a getaway to international markets” he said.

When asked about the location selection, Kapoor justified his choice of selection to be overseas. “Given that I already have a presence in Mumbai, Los Angeles and London, today’s landscape is such that no company can be called a global one if it does not have its presence in Dubai. Hence we made sure that we set up an office here”

Anil Kapoor became a renowned name in the Hollywood circles, thanks to his cameo role in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Danny Boyle’ s Slumdog Millionaire. The actor is constantly making trips to LA, rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood’s finest. Interestingly Ghost Protocol was extensively shot at Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest tower in Dubai.

The multi-faceted actor is known for his incredible sense of business acumen and his ability to dabble in films and entrepreneurship both at the same time. Anil Kapoor is pretty excited about his new venture in Dubai. The man is willing to step out of the comfort zone and take those risks.

“Dubai is a market for all kind of entertainment. It is the market which attracts serious investors and well-structured companies can survive in such an energetic market” he signed off.

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