Anil Kapoor’s 24 – a new revolution on Indian Telly

Much talked about adaptation of the American series, 24 kick started airing this weekend, garnering maximum TRPs ever for a weekend alone. The serial that is a political thriller flaunts an elite starcast from Bollywood, with Anil playing the lead protagonist, Jai Singh Rathod. The first two shows aired fetched tremendous reviews for both the content and execution. Writing is topnotch, with the likes of Bollywood writers such as Bhavani Iyer and Rensil D’Silva co writing the entire series with Milap Jhaveri. This comes as a huge relief to the television lovers, who are now saturated with clichéd serials on Saas Bahus and cheesy comedy shows that are slowly hitting the rock bottom. 24 marks the start of great innings to quality stories being told and presented with rich production values – this definitely eludes loud makeup, neon sarees and plotting women. 24 is a must watch if you are a quality lover. The show is all set to give a stiff competition to Mahabharata, which is equally good in all aspects.

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