Angry Prakash Raj Walks out of Interview

Celebrities don’t exhibit their real emotions in front of a camera and try to keep a smiling face in all situations. However, sometimes they lose their cool and get into trouble.

Prakash Raj Walked Out Of Interview
Prakash Raj Walked Out Of Interview

Actor Prakash Raj has the other day couldn’t control his anger during a live TV interview. He threw the microphone and walked out of the interview. Actually, Prakash Raj went to a channel to promote his upcoming film ‘Mana Voori Ramayanam’. After asking several movie related questions, the host asked him for his view on the ongoing Cauvery waters issue between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states.

This query angered Prakash Raj, and he walked out of the interview saying, ‘Why do you ask these questions when we have so much to discuss about movies, farmers’ issues, etc. Do you intend to create a controversy by knowing my view’?

It may be noted that being a Kannada actor, Prakash Raj garnered stardom mainly with Tamil films.

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