Angry Indian Goddesses left with an experience of Bigg Boss

Versatile Director Pan Nalin is currently making a film titled as “Angry Indian Goddesses.” This film is based on a story of 7 girls who reunite for a bachelorette in Goa.

Angry Indian Goddesses
Angry Indian Goddesses

In order to bring a good composure and rapport among the characters that results in good exposure on the screen, several workshops, script reading, singing, dress trails, cooking, yoga, meditation etc were conducted.

They are together for almost 40 days under one roof. It was fun spending time knowing each other, while it was also tough for them to continue living.

There was a sense of feeling among them that they are being a part of some reality show like Bigg Boss, as they were cooking and sleeping together for so many days.

Director spoke regarding this saying that “It actually did not occur to me till someone pointed out during a discussion that this is like the Big Boss house. I guess, in many ways it was like one. In hindsight I feel it was a great decision though to put them together in one house. They all bonded differently and equations came into play. Further they were able to work on their inter-personal relationships and enhance the character’s believability.”

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