Angry Babies in Love to Come Out in May?

The movie ‘Angry Babies in Love’ starring Anoop Menon and Bhavana, directed by Saji Surendran, is likely to come out at the end of May, says the crew. The film, which was completed long ago, has not been released yet due to issues with satellite rights.


The plot revolves around Jeevan, a still photographer and Sarah, a rich plantation owner’s daughter, who fall in love and elope to start a life. However, they soon discover that real life is not as romantic as they dreamed it would be when Jeevan still chases his passion of photography over the responsibilities of his job and Sarah has to start a pizza shop to earn a living.

The music for this flick has been composed by Bijibal while the lyrics have been penned down by Vayalar Sharathchandra Varma and Rajeev Alunkal. Anil Nair is the cinematographer for this move which has been produced by Darshan Ravi under the banner of Dimac Creations.

The overall tone of the movie is said to be light hearted while the story itself is refreshing in its conception and execution.

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