Angry Babies crew arrested!

It’s true! The Angry Babies crew was arrested by the Mumbai Police – just not now… but when they were shooting a song for the film in Mumbai way back when.


Yes, the technicians of the film, which stars Anoop Menon and Bhavana in the lead, had the misfortune of spending an hour or so inside a police jeep too.

This is what happened – The filming of the Hindi song in the flick, called ‘Zindagi’ was going on when the police came enquiring about the proper documentation of the crew to film the song in public places. And would you know it, even though they had it, the man who was in possession of them had gone for lunch and presto – a misunderstanding and an arrest!

Funnily, it was later, after sitting in the jeep for a while that one of the crew had the idea to show the police officers their songs which had already been filmed! And the policemen must have been impressed because they let the crew out and complete the shoot!

Anoop Menon, who posted this true incident on his Facebook page, put it simply as – “that’s how the songs ‘Mazhneerthullikal’ and ‘Kilikal Parannuvo’ saved us”.

The movie which was completed a while back but had been shelved from release due to problems selling satellite rights was recently picked up by veteran director/producer Lal Jose to distribute under the banner of his company LJ Films.

The plot of the light hearted entertainer revolves around a couple who fall in love and elope, only to find how real life differs from the fairy tales and how true romance is something else entirely.

The film has been directed by Saji Surendran and was produced by Darshan Ravi under the banner of Dimac Creations. It is slated for release this June.

Watch the song which caused all the trouble:

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