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Andhra Pori Movie Wallposter
Andhra Pori Movie Wallposter

Andhra Pori Review: Love that you’ve heard about.

Andhra Pori is the debut film of AakashPuri and Ulka Gupta and the two probably had a lot of hopes set on this film. The story line fits the two young actors perfectly, and it is a tested and certified script delivered by Raj Madiraju.


The movie is about a lower-caste teenage boy, Narsing (AakashPuri), who fails 10th and is disowned by his father. The movie is cleverly set in the 1990s which was the time when girls were being let out of their houses to study and there were more opportunities to find a job. So, post-disownment by his family, Narsing finds a job at a Venugopal theatre and finds a girl, Prashanthi (Ulka) for himself. Behind this adventure of Narsing are his friends who prompt him on getting a girlfriend because “behind every successful man is a woman”.

So, what starts off as casual fling between the two turns into a dangerous love story. Dangerous because Prashanthi belongs to an upper caste family. Uh oh! We already know where this is heading. So, the rest of the story revolves around how Prashanthi expresses her love to Narsing and all the conflicts that arise among the families due to this innocent love affair.


AakashPuri: Young and exuberant Aakash plays out the role of Narsing very sufficiently. Charming, reckless and determined Narsing is crafted out well by Aakash who is raw to the industry but true to his character as a teenager.

Teenage love story: The film will catch the attention of various youngsters who would want to laugh at the silliness of Narsing and his attempts to land the love of his life. A lot of laughs too!


Akash Puri and Ulka Gupta in Andhra Pori Movie
Akash Puri and Ulka Gupta in Andhra Pori Movie

Direction and Narration: After a movie like “Rushi”, Raj Madiraj fails to bring forth a movie that is intense and measurable in its worth. Madiraj played it safe with sticking to a script about teenage love story that would move hearts and make them gooey but he might have played it too safe. Although, the movie does try to touch up on some social message, like in Rushi, it doesn’t pull through.

Editing: The movie is a bit too long for a story line that has no true essence. It is only dragged with added dialogues, unnecessary songs, and forced comedy.

Actors: Ulka fails to impress with her untimely lip syncing and SrikanthIyenger as Ulka’s father doesn’t add much to the screenplay with his acting.


Honestly, you need to watch the movie for the sake of a teeny teenage mushy story and maybe even for AakashPuri who has the wit, the charm and the sense of timing. Even though his dance can improve, how many of our Telugu heroes can really dance right? Raj Madiraju has failed himself and the audience with a poorly narrated vision which sets back the film unlike its original Marathi super hit film, “Timepass”.

Yay or nay: A definite nay for those who don’t want to waste time. You already know this movie.

Andhra Pori: A family entertainer that probably won’t entertain the whole family.

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