Andhra Pori Hurt Andhra Settlers!

Andhra Pori Title Troubles
Andhra Pori Hurt Andhra Settlers

Puri Jagannadh and his son Aakash Puri have high hopes nesting on the movie Andhra Pori to be released on 5th of June. However, the only problem is that the movie isn’t going to be released so soon.

A bunch of Andhra people who have settled in Hyderabad protested and filed a petition in Hyderabad’s High Court to hamper the release of Aakash Puri’s debut film. Truth is many movies seem to be facing legal issues before their release and Andhra Pori is just another one of them.

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The demand of the Andhra Settlers Forum is that the title of the movie be changed because it apparently insults Andhra people as well as women. The release of the movie will be hindered till the title has been changed is the demand.

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