When Anchors Ravi and Srimukhi Turns as Chiru and Sridevi

Nowadays the celebrities are so busy with their dub smash videos in YouTube. Even the show hosts and Tv anchors have started this trend.

Srimukhi and Ravi Dubsmash
Srimukhi and Ravi Dubsmash

Two famous Telugu anchors Ravi and Srimukhi have been doing this for a while. This Pataas Jodi made a new Dubsmash video and uploaded to Facebook. The video is the parody on yesteryear blockbuster Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. Ravi was seen like Chiru, and Srimukhi dressed like Sri Devi. The couple nailed the video with their cute and funny expressions. At one stage, Srimukhi has excelled the role like Sridevi with her acting skills. They have picked famous phrases between the star couple in the movie. They ended the Video with famous duet Abbani Tiyyani Debba. Now this Video is getting rave likes and hits on YouTube.

This on-screen romantic pair is known for their naughty show Pataas. Apart from that, they are always in some controversial news.

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