Anchor Suma Turns Hot Topic Between Narendra Modi and Obama

Anchor Suma Kanakala. This name needs no introduction in Telugu film circuit. Almost every day we get to see her on the television on one or the other channel. For every big film release, we see Suma hosting the function by adding more entertainment in her style. It is really great to see her entertaining the people from so many years. She actually deserves many more awards and much more recognition. As part of her career, she has received so many awards and rewards by now. Recently she was also selected for Apsara awards where she was given Best Entertainer award.

Anchor Suma
Anchor Suma

We all know about Suma and the popularity she had. Her popularity is not just limited to both the Telugu states or her home state Kerala. She is a national celebrity and if you don’t agree with us, check this video where National celebrities like MS Dhoni, Amitabh Bachchan, and prime minister Narendra Modi talks about our very own Suma.

If this is one side of the event, there is another side in which personalities like Big B Amitabh Bachchan, MS Dhoni and Narendra Modi giving out video bytes on Suma. Amitabh says that he is loving television shows because of Suma and requests her to make a entry on Bollywood small screen as well. While MS Dhoni revealed that Suma is the secret behind his calmness on field. What surprises the most is Narendra Modi commenting that Barrack Obama praised Suma when he met him. Barack Obama and Narendra Modi discussed for an hour about Suma and her activities on Television.

Hold for a second now and check out this video. We have mentioned the same that was presented in the video and on a funny note, the video is not real and it was edited by the event organizers by imitating the voices of mentioned celebrities. But had they knew Suma, they would have said the same without changing a single statement.

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