Anchor Srimukhi’s Tan Burns Hurt Fans

Bubby girl Srimukhi is one of the very few anchors on TV who can turn up the heat with sensitive and sensual looks.

Here comes the jolt for her fans. The other day, while attending an event, Srimukhi turned up in a sleeveless saree and wore a cape over the blue dress. Fans of Srimukhi felt that the Cape spoiled her beautiful looks and conveyed the same to her on social media.

Anchor Sreemukhi
Anchor Sreemukhi

Srimukhi, responding to the concern showered by fans, explained that she actually sustained tan burns due to a tight outfit she wore a couple of days ago. She shared a picture of her showing how the tight dress burned the corners of her shoulders. The gold embroidery design was seen imprinted on her white skin. Her fans were really hurt with the way her white skin sustained tan burns.

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