Anchor Sreemukhi’s Rise Worrying other Anchors?

Television has become the must-needed commodity in every household and TV stars of this generation have become no less than film stars.

Anchor Sreemukhi
Anchor Sreemukhi

TV anchors are called the queens of a small screen, and there has also been a tough competition among them. Suma, Jhansi, Udayabhanu, etc. were the only noted names until a few years ago but the likes of Anasuya, Rashmi, Sreemukhi, etc. are fast growing lately.

It is heard that Sreemukhi’s rise is worrying her competitors. The beautiful girl has already become the favorite of TV audiences as she knows the art of attracting and enticing viewers with her vocal skills and sensual looks. Lately, she is being roped in as the host of many major TV shows.

One cannot blame the show organizers as they choose the host as per the demand and Sreemukhi is heard to be dominating others by a fair distance.

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