Anchor Ravi’s FB post gone viral

Social media has become a good medium to express one’s feelings to the world. Message posted by celebrities will reach faster than normal users. Such posts will get attention with a mixed response.

Anchor Ravi FB Post
Anchor Ravi FB Post

Such thing happened with popular Telugu male anchor Ravi. With his shows and comical anchoring with Lasya followed by Srimukhi, he got ample followers for his Facebook. All his posts were well received by them. Ravi recently posted about Telugu techie murder in Kansas. He stated that the murder will happen to all one day if we go to the US. He went further and questioned the need of traveling to the US, UK if we have many opportunities in India. Instead of complaining about India, he asked all to create jobs here itself. He concluded this post by declaring being with parents brings more and real happiness than living far from them and sending them money.

As expected, some received this post with open Mind and liked this post. But others have been countering with their unique reasons for going abroad.

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